Summer Collection Part Two Release

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Summer Collection Part Two Release

Part Two of the Summer Collection is available now featuring an exlclusive hand tie-dyed tee and a simple tee to match! 

For this collection we've decided to make these exclusive tees extremely affordable at only $15 each, or you can get both of the available colorways for only $25! Now that's a deal you deffinitely should not miss out on! 

Peep the two different colorways below if you didn't catch the sneak peeks in our previous blog!

We hope you take advantage of thes extremely affordable prices and get yourself some exclusive Limitless Supply Co. gear for this Summer!

Let us remind you that every package comes with at least 5 complimentary stickers!

With that being all the more reason to cop one of the new tees, we hope you understand the exclusivity of these tees. 

Each tie-dye tee is dyed BY HAND, meaning each tie-dye shirt has a slighty different design then the others. Not only does it sound cool, but this actually ensures an exclusive, made-to-order tee just for you!

I mean, what gets better then that?

With all that being said, expect information regarding the next collection by 08/16/17!

And like always, we thank you for reading and hope to see you in some fresh Limitless gear heading through Summer 2017!